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ArtBeats | Perugino: Eternal Renaissance


DIRECTED BY: Giovanni Piscaglia

FEATURING: Marco Bocci

GENRE: Documentary 

RUN TIME: 80 Minutes

A tribute to an artist who inspired great painters in a decisive way, by creating works of immortal beauty. His art straddles two worlds: on the one hand the architecture of Piero della Francesca and on the other the devotional painting.

Perugino achieved in painting a perfect balance between human being and nature, reality and ideal. He invented compositions and iconographies that set the school, spread a new ideal of female beauty through his Madonnas, and conceived extraordinary fresco cycles as in the Collegio del Cambio in Perugia.

A journey through Italy to discover his great masterpieces, from the frescoes of the Sistine Chapel to the two rooms entirely dedicated to him in the National Gallery of Umbria.