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Let the Dance Begin

Release date NZ: 07 / 03 / 2024
Release date AUS: TBC
R13 NZ

Offensive language

MA15+ AU

Strong coarse language

DIRECTED BY: Marina Seresesky

WRITTEN BY: Marina Seresesky

STARRING: Darío Grandinetti, Mercedes Morán, Jorge Marrale

RUN TIME: 99 minutes

30 years ago, Carlos and Margarita were the most famous tango couple in the world. Carlos now lives in Madrid, enjoying the second opportunity that life has given him, and Margarita lives in Buenos Aires immersed in a life of solitude.

A sudden event will force the couple to reunite and to start a journey on the roads of Argentina, together with their longtime friend Pichuquito. A road-trip which will make them face their memories, their fears, but above all their true desires.

★★★★ "Grandinetti, Morán and Marrale, an unforgettable trio of performers" - Cinemanía

A genuine and profound portrait of the human condition." - EscribiendoCine