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ArtBeats: Pompeii: Sin City

Release date NZ: 29 / 04 / 2021
Release date AUS: N/A

DIRECTED BY: Papi Corsicato

NARRATED BY: Isabella Rossellini

GENRE: Documentary 

RUN TIME: 90 Minutes

This documentary explores Pompeii, that city cloaked in mystery which, over the course of history, has influenced culture and art, from Neoclassicism to Contemporary Art, through images and words by the great artists and writers who experienced, visited and imagined it: from Pliny the Younger to Picasso, from Emily Dickinson to Jean Cocteau.

The film doesn’t just deal with the volcano eruption, which has gone down in history, but with what the city of Pompeii itself was actually like: how its citizens lived their lives, spent their free time, experienced pleasure, passion, religion and their fate.