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The Humorist

Release date NZ: 19 / 03 / 2020
Release date AUS: TBC

Sex scenes & offensive language

Written and directed by: Michael Idov
Producers: Artem Vasilyev, Andrey Saveliev
Director of Photography: Alexander Šurkala
Composer: David Mason
Editor: Michal Lánský

Aleksey Agranovich
Yuri Kolokolnikov
Alisa Khazanova
Pavel Ilyin
Artem Volobuev
Vilma Kutavičiūtė

RUN TIME: 102 Minutes

The Humorist follows a week in the life of Boris Arkadiev, a fictional soviet stand-up comedian. Boris is tormented not only by external oppression and censorship but also by his own insecurities that poison all his relationships. Fame, combined with lack of personal freedom, is driving him crazy, especially when the same people who dictate what he can and can’t joke about keep summoning Arkadiev to their villas and saunas as a kind of court jester. Finally, the comedian snaps. Armed with the exotic American notion of “insult humor”, Boris takes his revenge.

“Idov’s exceptionally clever dialogue is matched with a sharp understanding of structure, culminating in a terrific bathhouse scene with more than casual nods not just to “Julius Caesar” but to the whole fall of the Roman Empire.” - Jay Weissberg (Variety)


Light House Petone, Wellington - From 19 March
Light House Cuba, Wellington - From 19 March
Academy, Auckland - From 19 March
Rialto Newmarket, Auckland - From 19 March
Embassy 3, Whanganui - From 19 March
State, Nelson - From 19 March
Gecko, Motueka - From 19 March
Lumiere, Christchurch - From 19 March
Rialto Dunedin, Dunedin - From 19 March