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The Mystery of Henri Pick

Release date NZ: 29 / 10 / 2020
Release date AUS: 29 / 10 / 2020

Offensive language


Coarse language

DIRECTOR: Rémi Bezançon

STARRING: Fabrice Luchini, Camille Cottin, Alice Isaaz, Bastien Bouillon, Josiane Stoléru

RUN TIME: 101 Minutes

LANGUAGE: French with English Subtitles

GENRE: Comedy, Drama

The perfect film for lovers of literature and intrigue alike, writer/director Rémi Bezançon (A Happy Event) presents a riddle wrapped in an enigma, packed into a cheese-stained pizza box, that begs the questions: Who is Henri Pick, and how did this supposedly illiterate pizza cook write an acclaimed bestseller?  

Based on David Foenkinos’s 2016 book of the same name, The Mystery of Henri Pick revolves around the film’s enigmatic title character who, two years after his death, has his name sprawled across the covers of a celebrated novel, The Last Hours of a Love Story. However, not everyone is convinced of the author’s authenticity of this overnight sensation. Amongst the cynics is influential literary critic Jean-Michel Rouche (Fabrice Luchini) who sets out to discover the truth behind Pick and the book that bears his name. Camille Cottin co-stars as Joséphine Pick, daughter of the mysterious author, who reluctantly assists Rouche in navigating the secretive Breton landscape.  

The Mystery of Henri Pick has twists and turns that would make Agatha Christie blush, and wears its love of literature on its sleeve. With many references to literary giants – from Alexander Pushkin to Marguerite Duras, this film is a well-crafted puzzle that will captivate and excite.

"It's a polished package - the charms of rural Brittany are displayed particularly effectively - and the plot is satisfyingly paced." - Screen International

"Henri Pick is an easily digestible and highly cultivated whodunit" - Hollywood Reporter

“Luchini (…) is excellent here as an arrogant erudite.” - Hollywood Reporter

“With The Mystery of Henri Pick, Rémi Bezançon has fun creating a hybrid film detailing a story-within-a-story literary investigation conducted by the great Fabrice Luchini.” - Cineuropa


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