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The Olive Tree


Offensive language


Offensive language


DIRECTOR: Iciar Bollain
WRITER: Paul Laverty
PRODUCER: Juan Gordon (Morena Films)

ALMA: Anna Castillo 
ALCACHOFA: Javier Gutiérrez 
RAFA: Pep Ambròs 
RAMÓN: Manuel Cucala 
LUIS: Miguel Ángel Aladrén
LENGTH: 100 Minutes 
LANGUAGE: Spanish 
FORMAT: 4k Scope

From Goya award-winning director Icíar Bollaín (Even the Rain) and BAFTA-winning writer Paul Laverty (I, Daniel Blake, The Angels Share, The Wind that Shakes the Barley) comes The Olive Tree. 

Anna Castillo is Alma, a young woman very close to her grandfather (Manuel Cucala). The old man has retreated into depression and dementia since his grownup children cynically uprooted and sold off his beloved 2,000-year-old olive tree, against his will, to pay for a now bankrupt tourist-restaurant business. 

Anna discovers that the buyer of the tree is a Düsseldorf energy company, which has placed it in its glitzy lobby and uses it as a letterhead symbol of its entirely spurious green credentials. So Anna bamboozles some friends and family into going with her in a borrowed flatbed truck on a crazily quixotic mission to rescue the tree and bring it back to its rightful spot. 

Symbolic of what has happened in Spain over the last 15 years The Olive Tree is an earthy, quietly stirring Spanish fable that finds familial, regional, economic and environmental grievances inseparably tangled in its branches. It is however the human relationships that are most poignant here. 

★★★★½ "Storytelling at its finest"

★★★★ "A warm, gently rousing Spanish film"
- Time Out