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The reviews are rolling in for Woman at War, with critics hailing the film as "Delightfully odd... Frequently hilarious... and visually exquisite"

"★★★★ A lively, funny eco-warrior drama.
Combines hilarious scenes with a well-structured narrative and a convincing female heroine."

- Filmuforia

"Gloriously Icelandic.
An intelligent feel-good film that tackles urgent global issues with humour and a sense of justice.

A satisfying stand by one woman against the powerful forces of industry.

- Variety

"Offbeat, poignant and visually exquisite.
A modern-day fable about a female David taking on the Goliath of her country's government and industry."
- The Hollywood Reporter

"Winningly mixes absurdist comedy and tense thriller with a crafty plot and heartfelt and believable stakes."
- British Film Institute

"Bold and pleasingly quirky."
- Screen Daily

"Delightfully odd... Frequently hilarious... Never loses sight of what is at stake"
- NZ Herald